Love Is Why We Go!

When we hear the word, “church” we are likely to think of a building with four walls.But the church is not a building. It is people who believe that God is their Creator and Father, accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and live in the power of the Holy Spirit.
As the song goes, “I am the Church, you are the Church, we are the Church together. All who follow jesus, all around the world.” Yes! We’re the church together. On Sunday morning the  “church” may worship in a building and other days of the week may gather there for fellowship.
But most of the time the church is not and should not be contained to four walls. God’s people are out in the world; living, working, and playing. Wherever they go, they are the church! As fewer people make the commitment to be a part of a church community, it is even more important for church people to do their ministry in the world and not only within the walls.
There are many opportunities to volunteer for Advent’s Outreach programs.

Global Missions

Advent is proud to participate in the Freedom Challenge of Operation Mobilization.
Freedom Challenge is a movement of passionate women dedicated to freeing oppressed and enslaved women and children all around the world. We do this by participating in physical challenges that test our limits, while raising funds and awareness to combat these dark, social injustices and set women and children on the pathway to freedom.
Freedom Challenge takes a four-pronged approach to freeing women and children around the world: Prevent, Rescue, Restore, Development.
For more information on the Freedom Challenge aid:
Advent’s Team Leaders are Debbie Dingle and Susan Hagen, contact them for information about Advent’s participation.
Making Disciples, Impacting the World for Christ.
Shepherd’s Fold is located in Buikwe District, Uganda.
Good Shepherd’s Fold was established in 1994 as a home for orphaned and vulnerable children. The original work has deepened over the years to impact entire families and communities. The current mission of Good Shepherd’s Fold is to holistically build thriving families through child care and advocacy, education and community development so that disciples are being made and communities are being transformed for Christ.
Good Shepherd’s Fold is a Ministry of Global Outreach. To learn more about Good Shepherd:
For more information about this organization: