Letter to Church Congregation

After careful and prayerful deliberation the Church Council of Advent Church has decided to offer limited in-person worship options beginning Sunday, June 28 for our 9am service. While we look forward to meeting again in person after all these weeks away from each other, it is still OUR UTMOST PRIORITY to keep everyone healthy and safe!
If you are hesitant about returning to Advent services at this point or feel it is necessary to avoid crowds in order to protect those with vulnerable immune systems in your home or line of work, please stay home. If your own health has been compromised recently, please stay home. If you have travelled recently to a high risk area, please stay home. We will continue to live-stream services on our YouTube channel in order to protect the health of those we all love and care for.
If you do chose to attend Sunday morning services in person, here’s what to expect:
  • You’ll be met by the smiling, but masked, faces of our greeters outside the main Sanctuary doors in the Courtyard. You’ll be asked to put on your mask and sanitize your hands before entering. If you don’t have a mask, one will be safely provided.
  • Should you chose NOT to wear a mask, you will be directed to either the Fellowship Hall, which will be streaming services on the monitor inside, or to the Courtyard to listen to the audio of services only.
  • Families with children not wearing a mask will be asked to join others in the Fellowship Hallas CDC guidelines recommend children under 2 years old refrain from wearing a mask. NO CHILDCARE WILL BE PROVIDED ON CAMPUS AT THIS TIME.
  • Once inside the Narthex of the Sanctuary (or Fellowship Hall), you’ll pick up a Communion pack set out by usher at another sanitized station.
  • After receiving your Communion pack in the Narthex, an usher will greet you and walk your group to a safe seating area in the Sanctuary. You’ll be seated to maintain a distance of 6 feet from other groups in the pews around you.
  • Mask-wearing will be required AT ALL TIMES in the Sanctuary for safety.
  • At the conclusion of the service, ushers will guide you to exit row-by-row to either the NW or NE exit at the front of the Sanctuary. Ushers will be there to collect tithes and offerings as well as open the doors for you. Waste bins will be provided at each exit to dispose of your empty Communion packs.
  • All congregational surfaces in the Sanctuary will be sprayed and disinfected with an electrostatic sprayer both before and after services.
  • Only the Courtyard Restrooms will be open and available for use on Sunday morning. They will be cleaned before, between, and after service times.
  • We are unable at this time to resume our regular coffee and donut routine. 
While it’s always important to ask ourselves, WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) on a daily basis, this pivotal time in history motivates us all at Advent to remember WWAD (What Would Advent Do?)

Worship at home is safest.

Wear masks in the Sanctuary at all times.

Avoid physical contact.

Distance 6 feet from others

Love is Why We Take Precaution!
Love is Why We Protect!
Love is Why We’re Here!



 Loved by God, Loving One Another, Loving the World

Join Advent Church in worship from your home every Sunday at 9am for our Traditional service and 10:30am for our Family Contemporary service. Just click on the button below to see service, or to see past services. Live-stream will start 5 minutes before service so you can login on time. If you have any question contact the church office at 561-395-3632.


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Love is Why We Are Here!

Advent Church’s mission it to help families discover that we are loved by God, that we share that love with one another, and that we are on a mission of loving the world. It is this mission that drives everything we do.



Here at Advent, we have our roots in Lutheran tradition which emphasizes the power of God’s grace to change our lives. Advent has two locations to serve God’s people for midweek Bible studies and Sunday services, Advent Church Boca and Advent Church Lantana.
Advent Life Ministries, a mission of Advent Church, includes a Early Childhood preschool for children infants thru prekindergarten years. An Elementary and Middle school for students kindergarten thru eighth grade. Our Senior community home, Advent Square, for our aging parents, with individual apartments for those seniors that are still active and can take care of their daily needs and we have an Assisted Living Facility with Memory Care for those seniors that need extra care with their daily living needs. No matter what age or stage of life you are in, Advent is here to serve our Boca Raton and surrounding communities.
Advent Church is a “church without walls”, we are also involved in local outreach programs such as: Alzheimer’s Community Care, Boca Helping Hands, Family Promise, Food for the Poor. Our Global Mission programs include: Freedom Challenge, Good Shepherd Fold – Uganda, and Village of Hope & Medical Center in Haiti.
Advent believes in sharing the love of Christ with people of every age and stage of life. From infant care to senior living.
Come join us at Advent, to learn about God’s love for us and help to share that love with the world. Love is why we are here!

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Love is Why We Are Here!

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